Brand Flourish

The name “Flourish” reinforces our passion to bring happiness all around and want your families to grow and flourish.
The colour ‘Red’, not only stands for passion and vigor, but also reflects our ‘outlook’ i.e. refreshing and rejuvenating.
The colour ‘Green’, on the other hand is the colour of growth and serenity.
The ‘leaf’ on the alphabet ‘I’ reflects ‘flight’ i.e. abundance in everything one aspires for.
The bold fonts are representation of our energy, power, persistence, dynamic decision and determination.

Superior Nutrition and Taste

High Quality raw material produced and naturally sourced and processed with finest technology to bring you a promise of Superior Nutrition and Taste conforming to international standards.

“Good food” that is pure, safe and nutritious is pre-requisite for good health. Today, quality is a ubiquitous need and our business model serves this underlying global demand.

At Flourish, we believe that prosperity is a result of relentless focus on quality and innovation.

Hence, our business model ensures:

  • Innovative products with a promise of Superior Nutrition and Taste.
  • Development of novel sourcing and manufacturing infrastructure ensuring quality and safety for our consumer.
  • Sustainability and community development.

Don’t Just Live

Life is a joyous journey. It’s about choosing to aspire and not compromising your choices.

So break the pattern and make a choice. The best time to make a decision was yesterday.

The next best time is now. Say ‘no’ to all that is not good for you.

Say ‘yes’ To healthy eating & healthy lifestyle.

You are special

“Quality” is the most important founding pillar for Flourish and acts as a benchmark for launching any product. The question we ask ourselves is, “Will this product be good for consumer’s health and well-being?”. If the answer is yes, only then we will develop the product.

To assure such quality, we have developed our own Dairy Farms where pampered cows produce high quality milk tested on international standards. Such standards are also ensured for procurement of other ingredients too so as to ensure highest quality and consistency for all our products.

Research and Technology

Flourish Purefoods believes in the power of knowledge.

It’s scientific and technical team brings with it the capabilities to explore the horizons of expertise for contemporary products, establishing manufacturing facilities and working with global institutions on key development projects.

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